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Side of Craig's house with panels installed





Location: Sheetram Road Lockport, NY 14094
Commissioned: June 14, 2013
System Size: 8.82 kW
Inverter: 36 SMA America SB7000-US
Optimizers: 36 Tigo ES050V300W - 4W -60 Optimizers & Energy Maximizer Management Unit MU-ESW
Modules: 36 Suntech STP245S-20/Wdb
Racking: IronRidge- Standard Rail


Craig B. has served 28 proud years with us at CIR Electrical Construction Corporation as a Project Manager. With CIR's newest ventures in renewable energy, Craig had decided it was about time to invest in his very own photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system. 

Not only is Craig supporting sustainable products, he is also making a low risk, high return investment. Unlike traditional investments such as stock or bonds, solar does not expose his family to unpredictable fluctuations of those markets.  

How does it work? Every time Craig's system produces more energy than his house consumes, he receives Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SRECs) from his utility company. SRECs are commonly referred to as just "energy credits."  So on a day when Craig's system out produces his family's electrical consumption, the meter on his house spins backwards (net metering), and he gains "energy credits." These credits roll-over from month to month and can add up to a decent buck by the end of the year. 

Craig and his family are among one of the many progressive New York State residences who qualify for state and federal tax credits for their solar system. Other incentives are provided through New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The first years incentives will total somewhere in the ballpark of $15,000. 

Being a very efficient family, they make sure to perform all of the appropriate measures for decreasing their electrical consumption, which entail will create higher efficiency for their PV system.

Craig is the proud owner of a 8.82kW system, composed of 36 solar panels, all black, roof mounted. With the added value to his home, enormous savings, and protection of the environment- Craig calls his investment a no brainer... "CIR has a great estimating team and they will show you all the benefits before any decision needs to be made. You know exactly what your paybacks are before you even start. With the rebates and incentives investing in a solar system is a no brainer." Currently Craig's energy bill is less than $10/month. 

1.     What made you invest in solar energy? I became interested in solar about 3 years ago. I talked to Architects and Engineers about the benefits. CIR was known as a blue collar green company so I wanted to expand that. I could see the advantages of installing on my home so I perused it.

2.     How long has your system been up and running? Since June 14, 2013

3.     Why did you decide to go with solar? As an investment and to do my part to help the environment.

4.     Own or lease? And why? Own.  I am in control of the complete operation.

5.     What is the maintenance required for your system? Wash down once and a while with a garden hose.

6.     How was your experience with the installer? Being that I installed it, it was a great experience.

7.     How do you like being able to digitally monitor your production? That is a great advantage.  Nice to be able to show others.

8.     What are some of the greater benefits of your new system? Adds value to my home, saves money, saves the environment.

9.     Do you think solar is a wise investment?  With the rebates and tax incentives it is a great investment.

10.  What's your ROI? In a few years it will be all savings and value.

11.  Would you recommend solar to others? Yes.

12.  Do you think the solar industry is here to stay?  I do believe it is here to stay but, I see constant change and improvements.

13.  A lot of people think that we do not get enough sun in Buffalo for a system to produce enough energy for a typical residential system, what would you say to those people? I started producing power on the 14th of June and here it is the 1st of July and my meter outside keeps fluctuating between 0 kwh used and negative kwh used.

14.  Would you consider your system aesthetically pleasing?  I can honestly say I would not have installed this on the front of my house.  It ended up on the side of my house and everyone likes the install.  It is very eye catching.

15.  Have your electric bills been lowered since having your system up and running?  Yes.  Currently at 0.

16.  Anything else you would like to mention?  CIR has a great estimating team and they will show you all the benefits before any decision needs to be made.  You know exactly what your paybacks are before you even start.  With the rebates and incentives it is a no brainer.



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