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CIR Installs First Silevo Solar Panels on Williamsville Residence
5.22kW solar project in Williamsville, NY
5.22kW solar project in Williamsville, NY consisting of 18 of Silevo's Triex U_Series 290 watt panels,
9.28kW PV Silevo Triex U_Series 290 Watt in Clarence, NY
View from the south side of Clarence residence. This image was created using EagleView Technologies aerial photography
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by Tracy Will
Mon, Jan 25th 2010 08:30 am

CIR recently completed energy-efficient upgrades for the Niagara Falls Water Board at the Niagara Falls Waste Water Treatment Plant on Buffalo Ave.  CIR replaced two variable frequency drives that operate process pumps, and 42 light fixtures in the Pipe Gallery.  Both installations were eligible for Pre-qualified Incentives under NYSERDA's Existing Facilities Program, and CIR assisted the Water Board with the paperwork required to receive those rebates.

Variable frequency (or speed) drives offer significant energy savings in HVAC fan applications and pump applications like this one at the treatment plant because fan and pump motors do not need to run at full power or speed all the time.  HVAC and municipal water systems are designed to perform under the worst case scenario, such as cooling or heating on the hottest or coldest day of the year, respectively, or treat the maximum amount of water based on population estimates.  Since the worst case does not occur the majority of the time, variable frequency drives can bring substantial energy savings by allowing motors to run at varying powers depending on need.

CIR replaced outdated variable frequency drive technology with the latest in energy-efficient technology, providing the Water Board with increased flexibility and control, and added energy savings.  Variable frequency drives are one of 9 different pre-qualified energy-efficiency and conservation measures with incentives available under NYSERDA's Existing Facilities Program.  These incentives can help to significantly reduce the payback period for energy efficiency improvements.

Lighting upgrades are another one of NYSERDA's pre-qualified incentives.  CIR replaced 42 Metal Halide fixtures with High Intensity Fluorescent High Bay T5HO fixtures.  The new fixtures are 100 percent efficient compared to 75 percent for the typical Metal Halide fixture, offering a significant energy savings.  The new fixtures also provide higher light quality at lower wattages with longer lamp life.

For more information about NYSERDA's Existing Facilities Program visit:


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