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This tracker is tucked in a farmers crop field in North Collins, NY. This system is engineered to produce, therefore maximizing space for production while taking advantage of all incentives in both residential and commercial applications.
CIR Installs First Silevo Solar Panels on Williamsville Residence
5.22kW solar project in Williamsville, NY
5.22kW solar project in Williamsville, NY consisting of 18 of Silevo's Triex U_Series 290 watt panels,
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by onlinethymes

Going Green with Tracy

Mon, Aug 25th 2008 09:20 am

Last summer CIR started a facility paper recycling program. Everyone in the office has their own separate paper bin to ensure the maximum amount of paper gets recycled. Rather than just putting the paper out every week for collection by the city, someone from the office takes it to the bin at St. Anthony's Church down the street so that they can earn money for recycling.

In addition to paper recycling, we're trying to reduce the amount of paper we use by encouraging everyone to print double-sided whenever possible and increase paperless operations.

This newsletter is a great example of going paperless, but we're doing it in other ways as well. Linda in our accounts receivable department has been scanning invoices and back-up paperwork onto our server and attaching them to the corresponding electronic files in the accounting system. This eliminates the need for multiple copies because anyone in the office can access invoices and back-up paperwork right from their PC. In addition, documents that may be applicable to more than one job, such as tax exempt certificates, are attached electronically instead of making additional copies for each file.

STAY TUNED! September's Topic: The Paper Trail Continues...

Tracy Will has been with CIR since April of 2001 and presently holds the title of Sustainability Coordinator. She is currently pursuing a Dual Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Planning Degree from the University at Buffalo, School of Architecture and Planning while working for CIR parttime.

Tracy worked as a research assistant from May through December of 2007, investigating issues of sustainability in architecture, with energy issues at the top of the list. She plans to specialize in sustainable design of the built environment and will complete the Sustainable Urban and Natural Environments Graduate Research Group at UB. Tracy is utilizing her knowledge to help CIR become a more sustainable electrical contractor while gaining perspective on the practical application of sustainable building practices in the construction industry.

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This month's tip is from Ed Dudkowski of John W. Danforth Company, August's Green Tip submission winner. Ed wrote: `Cancel subscriptions to unwanted trade publications, catalogs and magazines. I found that my recycle bin was constantly being filled with publications that I did not request. Last month I took the time to cancel four of these. Think of all the resources that could be saved if each one of us cancelled just a single publication. All of the energy and raw materials used to publish, print, transport, and recycle thousands of pages would be saved!`

Cancel subscriptions to unwanted trade publications, catalogs and magazines. I found that my recycle bin was constantly being filled with publications that I did not request.

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