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This tracker is tucked in a farmers crop field in North Collins, NY. This system is engineered to produce, therefore maximizing space for production while taking advantage of all incentives in both residential and commercial applications.
CIR Installs First Silevo Solar Panels on Williamsville Residence
5.22kW solar project in Williamsville, NY
5.22kW solar project in Williamsville, NY consisting of 18 of Silevo's Triex U_Series 290 watt panels,
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by onlinethymes

CIR Update

Mon, Aug 25th 2008 09:15 am

You may be surprised to hear that CIR is still hard at work at NRG Energy’s Huntley plant in Tonawanda after the recent media overload about their proposal for a new ‘clean coal’ plant being squashed. Regardless of whether or not a new plant is constructed, pollution control measures need to be made at the plant to comply with current Clean Air Act requirements and ensure that the plant continues to operate. That’s where we come in.

CIR is working for Hohl Industrial Services on this project, which consists of the installation of a fabric filtration system that will in effect clean the gas exhaust created during the power generation process. John W. Danforth Company is also a subcontractor for Hohl. We are working closely with Clyde Bergemann EEC (formerly Environmental Elements Corporation,) the air pollution control system designer.

This project is frequently referred to as a “bag house” because the large steel modules or hoppers that comprise the system contain multiple giant filter bags that clean the exhaust air. To simplify the process, gas exhaust enters the hopper and clean air is filtered out while ash waste is deposited on the outside of the filters, which will later fall to the bottom of the hopper for removal.

As part of the basic electrical work for the system, CIR is installing a few thousand feet of cable tray and approximately 30,000 feet of conduit to support over 250,000 feet of cable that is required. In addition to the electrical wiring and support, CIR project manager Craig Bongiovanni listed some of the numerous types of instrumentation equipment that we are installing, cabling and terminating.

The list of equipment includes over 900 heaters that heat 48 large steel hoppers to over 350 degrees, Trona and Carbon silo equipment that add to the cleaning process, and air compressors, valves and solenoids that inject air into the hoppers to help ‘stun’ the ash causing it to fall from the filters to the bottom of the hoppers for removal.

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Ed wrote: At Saint-Gobain Structural Ceramics, we built three clearly marked boxes out of 1/2" plywood with handles that are marked for battery recycling.


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