About CIR

CIR is capable of completing a wide range of electrical construction projects including commercial and industrial, new builds, additions, design build, remodeling and renovations. Ask us about out Buffalo Solar projects.

Our experience includes but is not limited to electrical power distribution systems, indoor and outdoor lighting systems, complex industrial control and signal systems, process control systems, and automation and conveyance systems. We also have a long history of successful experience with design/build applications, and strive to maintain a high level of quality workmanship while working within a specific allocation of time and money.

CIR offers telecommunications infrastructure design and installation, as well as overall low-voltage systems integration and project management. These services are offered on a stand-alone basis or as part of an overall electrical construction package. Whichever you choose, we will customize our services to meet your needs. CIR has a BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer on staff, and our team stays on top of the latest trends and technologies and will provide you with cost-competitive solutions.

CIR's estimating and cost information services will provide you with accurate up-to-date pricing on labor and material. We can prepare cost estimates for any type of electrical installation from budget proposals during the design phase of your project to firm proposals based on bid documents furnished to us.  In addition, CIR promotes the many benefits of environmentally friendly buildings, including savings on utility bills, reduced costs per unit of manufacturing goods and services, and enhanced resale and lease value of real estate.

CIR has a mobile team of experienced electricians with stocked service trucks who are ready to respond to any emergency call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We respond to hundreds of calls yearly to clear production outages caused by electrical failures of all kinds.  CIR also provides non-emergency service and preventative maintenance for all of its customers.

Whether you require upgraded, energy-efficient lighting or an entire power system with backup generators, our staff of experienced professionals can provide you with the services needed.


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Did you know that incandescent light bulbs are 90 percent inefficient?  About 90 percent of the energy used by an incandescent lamp is expelled as waste heat.  This also adds to cooling loads, wasting even more energy and money.

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