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This tracker is tucked in a farmers crop field in North Collins, NY. This system is engineered to produce, therefore maximizing space for production while taking advantage of all incentives in both residential and commercial applications.
CIR Installs First Silevo Solar Panels on Williamsville Residence
5.22kW solar project in Williamsville, NY
5.22kW solar project in Williamsville, NY consisting of 18 of Silevo's Triex U_Series 290 watt panels,
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CIR Solar- Bringing over 35 years of craftsmanship to solar in Buffalo

We have been doing solar (PV) projects in Buffalo for years. Our first Buffalo solar project was the People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH) NetZero house on Winter Street in Buffalo's west side. This project turned out to be a learning experience from a community and environmental perspective. Since then, we have done several commercial and residential solar projects. 


In 2012 and 2013 we finished two solar 6 KW tracking systems. These systems have sensors that track sunlight and position the panels for optimal energy.  By tracking and following the sun, they generate an additional 30-40% energy, bringing their output to over 16 KW.


Not only are we proud of our craftsmanship and design of pv systems, we are also very proud of our knowledge of available grants, rebates and financing to make solar a viable option.

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